Our Mission

We work with community-based organizations in rural villages of Uganda to address issues that perpetuate poverty through providing education and community development programs. We do this because every youth deserves an opportunity to thrive, to become a contributing member of a healthy and productive community and to be free from extreme poverty.

The Work We Do

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We empower widow's groups by providing training, equipment and small business grants.



Education & Leadership development

We support children's secondary education, vocational training and leadership development through scholarships and school funding. Our registered nonprofit partners in Uganda provide social support to help students succeed through student council activities, after school clubs and sports programs. Program graduates have the opportunity to contribute to our partnership in a leadership capacity.

Community Impact Projects

Through feedback from our Ugandan advisory board, and grant applications from our partner NGOs, we fund community impact projects including health initiatives and infrastructure which improve life in the village.  

Resource sharing

By bringing our partner NGOs together on one advisory board we encourage the sharing of resources, ideas, and experiences which can offer support and hope.



Support secondary education in rural eastern Uganda. Enjoy this short story about the establishment of Yana Community High School in Nawanende village, Kamuli District. Join this community as we make secondary education accessible to all children.

Our Field Coordinator, Richard Oyel provides this national report on how Kamuli district sinks deeper into poverty as investors rent or buy off land to grow sugarcane. Rural communities consisting of subsistence farmers are left with no source of livelihood after the money received is used up.

Tusubira - We Have Hope makes possible a new chapter for 71 kids who now proudly call themselves students in a village where extreme poverty is a norm. Our first nonprofit community high school called YANA has successfully completed its 1st term with exams.

Robert Kalulu, from our partner organization CEP (formerly TAGEN)  gives thanks for Tusubira's scholarship program support in Nawanende Village, Kamuli Uganda.